Secretarius, LLC

Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring  - going out to serve… learn more through living than through lectures.

In the midst of traveling on my own entrepreneurial road, I am committed to coming along side young entrepreneurs; mentoring, coaching, and educating them in their entrepreneurial journey. I educate them on how to run a business.    Many have crossed my path with their own personal desired businesses and/or I have been able to use direct marketing platforms for those who want to jump into an “easy” adventure. 

On a side note (frankly), this is something on my “inspire to do list” is to lobby the direct marketing concept as an practicum in high schools and universities. These platforms are real life scenarios of running a business with all the ups and downs, developing  sales, networking and public speaking skills.  I journey with them using these platforms or their personal business to provide the support and training they need to succeed not only in business but in life.   Funny thing is,  I mostly learn from them and they giggle at me as they would describe my mentoring style as goofy, intense, and extremely passionately loud to encourage the spirit of excellence – they know I am not looking for them to be perfect but rather purposeful.  We journey together.

People will do what you suggest to them if you are setting them up to win. They follow confident people who are willing to give them instructions; instruction known as vision.  Having the opportunity to work alongside many, fostering and investing in

In measuring your ability to teach, one should not consider the number of students you have or have had, instead ask how much truth you have passed on to even one student who God has brought your way.   

- Esther Hughes

Aspire to Inspire Others… Passing on Pearls of Wisdom

SECRETARIUS [sek-ri-ter-ee-us]


A privy counsellor; entrusted with private and confidential matters, highly educated business person chiseling  business transaction details and correspondence onto stone.

PS.  Definition of young…. Your only as old as you feel!



       Chestina’s vision for entrepreneurship inspires others and has personally impacted me.  As Chestina is passionate about anything she puts her hands to, she has shown me what it means to “do all things with excellence” whether it is developing a recipe with essential oils, setting up an event, or e-mailing the director of health at a local college.  Selflessly, she has shared her time and resources to bring my dreams to life.  From my heart, I have a respect and gratefulness for Chestina as I have been privileged to work alongside and glean from this hard-working business mentor and friend.



        Chestina has laid the groundwork for me and many other young women. She has
inspired me to dream big, challenging me to go beyond my comfort zone while in a strenuous bachelor’s of science nursing program. She has gone out of her way to support my sister and me by introducing us to influential leaders and providing us with the tools and skills we need to start our own businesses. There is not a moment of hers that is used inefficiently, and every day is a new opportunity for advancement. While I lived with her family for a season, she would be already on the go at 4:30 am, preparing for a conference call or meditating for spiritual strength. I don’t know anyone who has the same energy, drive, and commitment as my 'Business Mama.'

those relationships, I meet people  where they are at and encourage them to go to the edge, get out of the boat – but will not push them over or out… that is a personal choice and what will determine one’s personal definition of success.



      I wanted to make jewelry, so mom as usual went all out to study under two master jewelers to be able to guide me. She purchased a ton of jewels and supplies, created displays and marketing material, and  established our business called"Précieux Jewels."  I make essential oil bracelets which I was inspired by mom's love for the oils. We make the jewelry together, mostly me now, and pray over each one of them.  


My mom is adventurous, very passionate, smart, creative, and very caring. I am constantly seeing my mom encouraging so many people even complete strangers she just meets to do "better than their best" - one of mom's famous sayings! Ask the girls on my soccer team, they will tell you a story or two; yup, mom coaches soccer too. My favorite is when she sings "Over the Rainbow" to me before I go to bed to encourage me to pray and dream.  I feel lucky to have a mom who gets me and allows me to explore new things like starting a business. I know it's a start of many of my dreams coming true. Thanks mom, I love you!