o, it’s not Hello, Hallo, or Heli…it’s Helo (pronounced: He-low).  And if you tried to type in Helo to get a definition, it defaults to “help”; which I think is the best and simplest ways to describe this incredible life style device.

My desire to have Helo in My Ark of Health was due to a dramatic incident my daughter had to experience, when she was ten years old.  Let me share the story from her eyes…

"My mom got out of the car and didn’t seem quite right.  She continued to go to her meeting but I just knew something wasn’t right. “Mommy, mommy wake up!” My mom had collapsed and fell to the floor! I didn’t have a cell phone, I was too young, I was scared and in tears.  As my mom began to wake she couldn’t speak, she looked in my eyes like she was speaking but no words came out."

As a mom, you never want your child to have to experience that. After that incident I was on a serious quest to find something that could “help”! After a long search I finally found a health “oracle”, as it has been deemed, that I have been waiting for years to hit the market. Helo is hitting the market by storm.

I encourage you to google Helo, view all of the media clips from the Today Show and others major media outlets. See why people are raving about the many applications it offers such as 911/GPS tracking system, monitoring ones’ daily health and exercise, the capability of sending several health reports directly to your doctor, and more. It also offers the capability to monitor other family members; your significant other, children, and aging parents that are over 3,000 miles away.

As corny as this might be…I am saying hello to Helo!



After a long search, I finally found a health 'oracle,' as it has been deemed, that I've been waiting for years

to hit the market.


Once paired with a mobile app the Helo has a full spectrum of sensor that monitor bio-parameters including automatic tracking of heart rate, breath rate, mood, fatigue level, and sleep amount. It also tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. In addition, thanks to plugins and apps, the Helo can monitor blood pressure, heart EKG, and many other things.

With the introduction of the HeloAppStore, future add-ons will include a wide variety of other features that you can easily download. The HeloAppStore allows developers to create apps furthering the potential of the Helo and the number of functions it can perform. For example, future enhancements to the Helo device will allow for blood sugar levels and blood alcohol level monitoring. It will even repel disease carrying mosquitos.

The Helo app even comes with the ability to monitor loved ones with the We Care and Guardian features where you will receive instant notification if the bio-parameters of your loved ones surpass the normal range.

You can add the benefits of the 99.9% germanium stones, one of the world’s most powerful natural elements. The germanium stones fit snuggly on the inside of the Helo wristband against your skin and may provide you with a number of wellness benefits.

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