My Story

      ruth be known. I fell into this one! You might want to sit on the floor for this, because this story is about seeing the possible in the impossible. P.s. I’ll keep it short.

Two of my mentees came to me one day and had a desire in their heart to incorporate a mission through maxi pads. (I am not going to share the details because it is still being birthed; I’ll leave you in suspense until their mission is complete.)  I wasn’t sure how, but I said… “you will need to really pray about that one”.   

Two months later I was at a local library at a book signing event having a book signed for my husband’s birthday. From across the library I could see a lady bug book; I was instantly attracted to it because lady bug is our daughter’s nickname.  I walked over to the author and without even saying “Hello," words instantly came out of my mouth, “You and I are going to work together.” She said, “Yes we are.” The lady bug book is where answered prayers began and a larger purpose was birthed when Cherish™ was added as an anchor in My Ark of Health.

I was instantly swept into knowing about what I didn’t know.  I passionately became a founding member and distributor for this new company; Nspire Network. It is first a mission - educating women on products that we currently use for our flow and second it is “Quite the most comfortable sanitary napkin in the world.” Now who wouldn’t want that?

~ Now I know you should too!

P.S. By the way, the name of the book is “Lucky, The Lady Bug”, and it sure was a lucky day. 


I was instantly swept

into knowing about what I didn't know.


About Cherish Sanitary Napkins...


Women around the world use conventional tampons and sanitary napkins every day without knowing the harmful and potentially dangerous materials used to manufacture them. Because of this, millions of women are forced to suffer in silence. In the USA, the FDA does not require manufacturers to list materials used in tampons and sanitary napkins. What are we exposing the most sensitive areas of our bodies to that could end up being a problem later on? 


The manufacturing process of these products has been known to cause serious damage to the environment. The toxic byproducts from manufacturing these products include poisons like Dioxin and Furan. One sanitary napkin can contain the equivalent of 4 plastic bags. Synthetics and plastics restrict air flow and trap heat and dampness potentially promoting yeast and bacterial growth in a woman’s vaginal area.

Until now, women had no other choice. Cherish™ Premium Napkins are sanitary napkins designed by women for women. Cherish™ Premium Napkins are made with a compact design and offering all day comfort by being engineered with safe products like cotton, all-natural negative ion strips which are known to balance PH and hormone levels and reduce inflammation along with other benefits, and a super absorbent and safe polymer that is 10x more absorbent than conventional pads.

Because of the unique eight-layer construction, you remain much more
comfortable, stay dryer much longer, and remain healthier than you will with
conventional products. Try Cherish™ Premium Napkins engineered for hours of pleasant and satisfying comfort with the unique negative ion strip to help
potentially reduce pain and inflammation and eliminate unwanted odors.
“Quite simply the most comfortable sanitary napkin in the world…”

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Learn about the Nspire Now We No campaign that is informing men and women all over the world about the harmful effects that some of today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies.