First and foremost, I am a child of God. I am a daughter, wife, mother, survivor, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, interpretive dancer, Awareness Warrior, Living Beyond Breast Cancer Advocate and Founder of My Ark of Health; I am a unique walking boutique that brings awareness and healthier, possibly lifesaving choices to women and men.

As a ten-year (and counting!) cancer survivor, I am on a journey to discovery with a mission to help other women and men learn about the benefits of products that could greatly improve our health. We often say you don’t know what you don’t know. Well, I’m here to say “Now You Know!”

My journey started when my daughter was only two and a half years old. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Imagine being a young mom and getting that news. My mind was reeling; How did this happen? Why did this happen? What do I do now? After a long and arduous battle with lots of ups and downs and plenty of prayer, conversations, doctor visits, and loving support from family, friends and community, my questions turned into; How do I keep this from happening again? How do I keep this from happening to my daughter? Who can I help?

I had learned so much during that time of struggle and recovery.  As I journeyed “one day at a time,” there were a number of options and products that were shared with me along the way. As I learned I implemented and that is where my journey into living a healthier life began, by changing one thing at a time. I continually seek new educational materials and products that provide a healthier alternative to the harmful products so many of us have been using for years without knowing their effects on our bodies; that discovery never ends.

Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Fun...these are the five pillars of life, hope, pursuit, and stability for me.

I personally use each of my products; they are a part of me, a part of my “life” journey.  It’s all about the mission – I call it my “Market Ministry”. Ministry comes in all forms but the underlying piece in all ministry is sharing, caring, and serving. It started with me but it doesn’t end with me, I am passing it on to help others discover their own sense of “wellness”, however that might be, but being aware is the starting point.  I didn’t know, but now I do know and you should too! 

It is not about the sale for me, it is about the mission of awareness, sharing and equipping women and men with knowledge of the harmful contents that may be present in their everyday products.  My boutique products are from companies that are awareness driven, entrepreneur builders, and visionaries in direct sales which allows me to share my personal journey through “one-on-one” conversations and getting out in the community to share vital information in an educational format.

Hey, we didn’t know! Many of us simply used, in fact many still do, products that were passed down generationally, products discovered during our teenage exploration phase with friends, or products we simply accepted based on what we saw and continue to see in the media.  I didn’t know but now I do. Am I angry? …I could be and probably should be, but my choice is not to be. Instead I choose to plant seeds of awareness with the principle of “all things work together for good,” for a purpose.  Everything about my boutique of products is steeped in my purpose… a “market ministry” of bringing awareness and offering solutions.


I lovingly say...

“I am a walking boutique." 


I bring that boutique experience to you through our relationship and our one on one conversations.  My “market ministry” mission is to communicate my personal experience with and through my boutique of products, educate women and men on the benefits they bring, and offer an empowering alternative to living a healthier “Now You Know!” life too.