Welcome to My Ark of Health and what I consider a “Market Ministry”; offering a boutique of products I personally use on my journey to a healthier lifestyle beyond breast cancer. The underlying piece in all “ministry” is sharing, caring, and serving others. Today I strive to diligently focus on that purpose; to educate women and men on the harmful products we use daily and offer safe holistic alternatives once you know.


Wellness for me is meeting people where they are mentally, physically, and financially. Knowledge is

power, and I am passionate about sharing knowledge with women and men so they have the ‘power’ to make healthier choices for their well-being. I simply share my story that led me to my boutique of products that are in My Ark of Health; a journey of discoveries and questions of… “What’s in my every day products?”

I truly believe this quest for knowledge, this journey has led me to this opportunity to challenge you to consider a personal transformation of products you currently have in your cabinets and on your body. I challenge you to join me in the discovery of healthier choices for you and your family.​

Chestina xo

I am so glad you are here! You've taken a purposeful step into the world of knowing. I am your go-to guide, communicating the mission of these products and bringing an encompassing boutique experience to you through conversation.

Thank you for visiting My Ark of Health!


Sanitary Napkins

Essential Oils

Beauty Counter



Life SensingTechnology

Cherish, a healthy alternative to conventional sanitary products made without harmful chemicals and toxins.

Essential Oils, supporting health and enhancing homes through the pure power of nature.

Beautycounter™, committed to health and safety standards that go well beyond what’s required.

Helo, Life Sensing Technology monitoring your health and the health of your loved ones.